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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Welcome to use tri-atech service. For using tri-atech service (refer to ‘this service’ below), you should read and follow 《tri-atech service agreement》 (refer to ‘this agreement’ below). Please make sure to read carefully and properly understand each contents of terms of service, particularly the restriction and prevention of responsibility clauses. The clauses of restriction and prevention of responsibility is written in bold to draw your attention. You would not have rights to use this service, unless you have already read and accepted every clauses of this terms of service.

One, Scope of agreement

This agreement is determined between you and tri-atech about using this service.

Two, Condition of Application

Users who apply for this service must make sure to accept this agreement and register as tri-atech user.

Three, Protection of user’s personal information

3.1 In the process of you to apply for this service, you must fill out some necessary information. Please keep these information authentic and correct, for the purpose of tri-atech to help you and provide better service. If country’s laws and regulations have special regulations, you must fill out the authentic identification information. If your information is not completed or incorrect, you might not be able to use this service or limited from using it during the process of usage.

3.2 tri-atech and users will protect personal information together, and to protect user’s personal information is one of tri-atech’s fundamental principle. tri-atech would not reveal your personal information to any companies, organizations and individuals other than tri-atech without getting your consent, except you violate this agreement to cause other’s complain or responsible authority to investigate the responsibility, as well as laws and regulations to have other regulations.

If you understand and agree: for the purpose of convenient user experience, tri-atech might change default setting of your personal information as disclosure, and this default setting might cause others to contact or get your personal information; if you want to change the default setting, please to do so in the relevant service page.

Four, Product and service of third party

4.1 This service might include the product and service provided by the third party. There might be other relevant agreement and regulations when you are using the product and service provided by the third party, which you should also be careful to read and follow.

4.2 If you understand and agree: in order to provide you with better user experience, when you are using third party’s service, third party might contact and use your personal information and also the related operational information and other information too.

4.3 If any dispute occurs during the process of using third party’s product and service, please contact directly with the third party, and tri-atech does not take any responsibility. But if necessary, tri-atech will provide necessary assistance according to laws.

4.4 tri-atech has two website links respectively to: Wechat public number and Tmall.

Five, Storage of the data

5.1 tri-atech does not take any responsibility of your deletion of related data or failure in storage during the service, and you should prepare backup for important datas outside of this service.

5.2 tri-atech has rights to decide maximum storage period of data in your server, according to actual situations.

5.3 If your service is terminated or cancelled, tri-atech can permanently delete your data from the server. After the termination or cancellation of the service, tri-atech has no obligation to return or restore any data to you.

Six, Risk and Exemption

According to the open characteristic of Internet, tri-atech reminds you to carefully examine following risks:

6.1 This service only provides one online service platform to you, you should understand and confirm that tri-atech does not take any responsibility for disputes and personal losses of the users of this service.

6.2 Please do not disclose any property involved in the use of this service, service account, password and other important information, otherwise, resulting losses are born by yourself.

Seven, Others

7.1 If you use this service, it is regarded as you have already read and agreed to be bound by this agreement. If necessary, tri-atech has rights to amend the terms of this agreement. You can refer to the relevant page for the latest terms of the agreement. If you continue to use this service after the amendment of terms of the agreement, it will be regarded as you have accepted amended agreement. If you do not accept the amended agreement, you should stop using this service

7.2 the People’s Republic of China, Shanghai City, Xuhui District is the signing place of this agreement

7.3 The establishment, enforcement, performance, interpretation and settlement of disputes of this agreement are all applicable to laws of the People’s Republic of China

7.4 If there is any dispute or conflict between you and tri-atech, it should be friendly negotiated to resolve problem in first hand; if the negotiation does not work, you should agree to submit dispute or conflict to the jurisdiction of the People’s court that has jurisdiction over signing place of this agreement

7.5 Titles of all clauses in this agreement is only for the convenience of reading, and it does not have actual meaning. It cannot be used as the basis for interpreting the meaning of this agreement

7.6 Regardless of any causes, if any clauses of this agreement is partially invalid or unable to execute, rest of the terms are still effective and the agreement is still binding on both parties