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PEACEMINUSONE Earphone Brand Story

The combination of black and gold, which is prevalent in the earphone of 'Peaceminusone', encompasses the meaning that is connoted in 'Peaceminusone'. The deficiencies of today's reality are expressed in black, and the ideal world, referred as 'Peace', is expressed in gold. An the 'One', which acts as a connection for the two, represents that music that rides the wires and penetrates the soul.

G-Dragon, who debuted as a child rapper at a very young age that showed extraordinary talents, became a worldwide recognized musician through his efforts and passion after he became a star under the group 'Big Bang'. G-Dragon, who was born for music and who lives by music, believes that music is a necessity in achieving his idea of a utopic world, he wished that this role of music will fill the deficient reality of people.

The 'Peaceminusone' earphone, which was born under this motivation, cannot be described only with words such as 'fashionable', 'stylish', etc. that represents G-Dragon. If one carefully listens to the music that flows through the thin wires, they will be surprised at the astounding sound that seem to lead you to utopia and the effective sound insulation that perfectly closes you out from the real world. It will feel as if you have reached utopia the moment you put on the earphones and give yourself in to the music.

One can sense the values of G-Dragon in the hairband type earphone, which can't be defined as an earphone nor a headphone. To G-Dragon, the clothes, shoes and all items that are worn on his body is an expression of his emotions at that moment in time, and we call this 'fashion' because it's G-Dragon.

It is not an exaggeration to say G-Dragon brought in the 'genderless' trend. To G-Dragon, prejudice, bias, stereotypes, etc. that defines the gender between a male and a female, do not exist. The hairband type earphone was created for the convenience of listening to music and, once G-Dragon lightly places it on his head or around his neck, it becomes 'fashion'. It is not a design born just to create a passing trend. There is no reason to hesitate if you would like to enjoy your music comfortably and in style like G-Dragon.