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Humans dissected and experimented on its body. They didn't have any mercy or ethics while commencing these experiments. At one point, it felt itself gain enough strength to escape, and planned its revenge.


"The difference in their military strength is too great." Han mumbled while watching. Jose and Canute fought courageously, but it was impossible to stop Simon. Simon far surpassed any second year youth's levels.


Han followed Laocha's coaching and made minor changes to his posture. He couldn't easily take away all his bad habits and was cursed out repeatedly by Laocha. Han focused his attacks, but it wasn't easy to change his attack style. Laocha's gentle tone gradually became fierce and violent.


Inspector Rue's spoke with a smooth voice. He didn't seem high handed or forceful in the least. Inspector Rue had waited quietly and patiently until the end of training. Han accepted his invitation for a chat.


"Yes, a werewolf. Minions wander in the immediate areas of the dimensional gate. We don't know their numbers, and they are hostile towards us. It should take a minimum of five hours for Ark's rescue team to arrive. This is on the assumption that they can arrive here as fast as possible. Until then, we must endure."


Jose thought while watching the two spar. Theoretically, this was easy, but not many people could actually do so while in the middle of battle.

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Sergeant Red took out a cigar pack from his pocket. He stuck one in his lips and lit it with his ignition skills. The smoke spread throughout the room. There was a no smoking policy through all of Ark, but Sergeant Red never followed this rule.


Canute reported. It was Canute's first time killing another person as well.


"Still, I think we should transfer him up into the third year. There's nothing that Han would gain remaining in second year. He would just pointlessly win squad mock battles. What this youth needs is real life experience."


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Throughout his training in Ark, Han realized the drill instructors didn't carry out useless activities.


By the time class B would be done with today's drill, Kuro would probably be finished moving to the class A dormitories.


"If I was in your place, Squad leader Schwartz, as a squad leader… I would immediately chase our enemy. I will also exterminate it."



"Simon's psychic skills are brilliant, and his battle skills are excellent. He can easily take on two to three others by himself."



Sergeant Red used his psychic energy to burn Han alive. The burn wounds extended as the smell of cooked meat spread throughout the area.


Simon got up with confidence. He had a lot of pride. He was one of few psyker recruits who had received formal training beforehand.


Kuro's blue eyes made him look like a goblin. Kijo shut his mouth and nodded. He realized he might get himself killed by making the wrong move. His whole body became drenched in sweat. His instincts warned him that he was in grave danger.

  • They were both psychic geniuses, but the opinions of the two were polar opposites.
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