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All squads have had at least one loss with every five wins. The squad battles are said to be selected at random, but Greseman and the drill instructors use the data to make sure squads don't consecutively win more than 5 times.


Han got caught by a tree branch while dropping down. He took out his knife and cut the string. He dropped from ten meters in the air and rolled. He softened the fall by spreading the impact with the roll, and then looked up.


This is not a drill. Enemy attack. Second year squads protect and suppress the inspectors. I repeat, enemy attack. Second year squads, locate and capture the closest inspector. There is a traitor amongst them.


"It was a different kind of fear I had never experienced before. The only logical reason I would experience such fear in that situation is dragon fear. After the Elu mage was incapacitated, the fearful energy coming from the dimensional crack disappeared."


Han was able to return to Squad 13 after a week's time. Kijo and Canute were still rehabilitating in the hospital while a majority of the squad members had already returned to their normal lives. The squad battles were on hiatus, but the lectures and training drills continued.


A black crow was painted on the corner of the hanger deck. This was one of the four high speed assault transport planes in existence. The cost to construct this plane had been astronomical, but the maintenance costs that exceeded the budget many times were what almost lead it to be junked. However, Ark travels worldwide on a daily basis so they had made a special exception. This plane is operated by Ark on an extremely strict budget. The other two are out on a military operation, and the remaining one is being repaired.

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Jose shouted. Han got a shock and turned around. Han had just returned after visiting his squad members that were in the medical recovery ward. As soon as he returned to the dorms, Jose had come running to him.


Everyone understood they were all rivals without any exchange of words. You must be acknowledged as an A rank in order to graduate into year two.


His situation in this class was drastically different compared to his time in class D.


He frequently followed his father into the forest to hunt. He had experienced many things already since young due to his experience fishing and hunting. This became a great strength for him as he grew up in Ark.


Sergeant Red's reputation was the worst. All the students agreed that there would be no student who liked Sergeant Red.


The drill instructor said. The children looked nervous as they were lectured.


Han confirmed their victory before he rested against the tree. The emergency medic looked over the injuries, and transferred them to the recovery hall.



One person amongst the inspectors mumbled. His eyes darkened ominously. He looked like he lost touch with his sanity. He couldn't shake off the fear after witnessing Kuro's psychic powers. He felt a strong sense of duty to kill all the psykers here. He moved between people toward Kuro's direction.



"Han, we're in this state due to your mistakes. If you can't back up the reason for your decision, I don't care about any sort of chain of command, I'll beat you up until you can't stand."


"Everyone who wants to volunteer to be president step forward. No matter how unskilled you are, you'll be able to be promoted with the additional bonus points. Right?"


Kuro spoke with surprise. As heat gathered, the temperature rose a little. As soon as the bugs saw the flame, they ran the opposite direction. The murky air became comfortable.

  • Jose spoke in Spanish. Han grasped Jose's swollen face.
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